Problem: When trying to upgrade the SharePoint to a higher service pack you encounter this error in the log

[OWSTIMER] [SPUpgradeSession] [ERROR] [11/3/2014 2:56:24 PM]: Upgrade Timer job is exiting due to exception: Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPUpgradeException: Action of Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPIisWebSiteWssSequence failed. —> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80070003): The system cannot find the path specified.

One probably cause is the someone manually changed the Application Pool account from IIS Manager instead of using SharePoint Central Admin.


  1. Go to the Central Administration
  2. In the CA go to Application Management->Manage services on server
  3. Stop Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application #This removes the SharePoint iis configuration
  4. Start Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application #This recreates the SharePoint iis websites.

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